The Solution

After two years of hard work, 6’4″ design manufactory proudly presents The Solution by NEXI industries:


Forget everything you thought you knew about stomp boxes and pedalboards. The Solution is the world’s first splash proof pedalboard for guitarists.

The Solution comes with 8 pedal slots:

Rubber mats protect unused slots from water and dirt:

Connectors include audio in / out, channel switch, 2x USB and power:

All pedals complement each other to create unique signature sounds:

The Solution comes with a sturdy transport lid…

… which can withstand up to 150kg.

more than the sum of its parts

With a truly holistic approach to design and technology, all details were carefully crafted in perfect balance with each other.

The Solution by Nexi – a minimalist and iconic design statement fit for any center stage.

products and design with character

Together with NEXI industries, 6’4″ design manufactory developed the modular NEXI ecosystem of pedal board and effect pedals from first design through to product marketing and mass production.

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