Maik Oude Sogtoen asked 6’4″ design manufactory to design an innovative box spring bed for his start-up Dreamitt.
In this interview Franziska explains how she translated his dream vision into a tangible product. And why having a spacious studio can be very convenient.

Franziska, how did you end up designing for a bed start-up?

I met Maik through a long-term client. My studio has a lot of experience with the design and product development for startups. His story immediately piqued my interest.

The challenge to innovate in such a traditional market like the bed industry intrigued me. I knew the project manager already as an excellent team player. Maik’s contagious enthusiasm did the rest.

What was your role in the Dreamitt-team?

I translated Maik’s original brand vision into a successful, tangible product: the Dreamitt Boxspring. Starting with colour and trend analyses, I created concept ideas for a modular system and developed them into a complete designer box spring.

The result is a dream: a super comfortable and flexible bed that you put together completely to your own wishes and needs, without getting overwhelmed by too much choice.

Whatever you choose – you can be sure that everything fits together perfectly. Now you can not only dream of, but also dream in a trendy and super comfy bed.

How did you experience the development process?

As with many startups, you cannot apply a cookie-cutter approach. You need a customized and flexible process. Especially flexibility! Thanks to the right mindset and the broad experience and talents in our team, we successfully managed many great challenges together.

I have never had a prototype this big in my studio. We learned a lot from it: does the frame system work as intended, are the seams neatly finished and above all: how comfortable can you lie on it?

When the renderings of all 81 different combinations (3 main boards x 3 fabric colours x 3 feet x 3 frame colours) were finished, it was obvious that we had created something very special.

No matter how you choose, you always end up with a great bed. And thanks to the smart technology behind the frame and the mattress construction, the model fits everyone.

What are you most proud of when you look at the result?

It always feels like Christmas when your design leaves the factory as a finished product. I cannot wait for the production of the extra-long beds to begin – there’s a reason why my studio is called 6’4”.

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