Where is your innovation kitchen?

Imagine your city (or company) was a party and innovative people were the guests – where would you find the ‘kitchen’? The place where everyone likes to get together, and where new ideas are cooked up.

Yesterday I was at a very inspiring network meeting by Open Informatiestad Deventer. With ‘beer, brains & bitterballen’, about 30 entrepreneurs from around the region were discussing the potential of our beautiful city.

Already there are quite a few up-and-coming hotspots to be found here, like the Havenkwartier with dozens of creative businesses, the Gasfabriek or the Oud Ziekenhuis. Local networks with surprising combinations of talent and craftsmanship, who dare to think different and love their work and life in Deventer.

How are we going to expand and join our existing networks, and welcome newcomers? I’m very much looking forward to the follow-up from yesterday. In the meantime, you’re always welcome to stop by 6’4” for a quick peek in the kitchen ;)

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