Setting the sails with 6’4″

Hi! My name is Joey, intern at 6’4” Design Manufactory and the first day Franziska and I went all hands-on deck, literally.

I found Franziska while looking for internships and I was very interested in how she runs her business as an entrepreneur. For me this is something I wanted for years and it was a goal to learn a bit about it on my internship.

We start the morning with putting some things in our thinking oven, just as the baker down the street does with his baguettes. Sketching ideas and discussing them, bouncing off each other’s thoughts we continue until we are exhausted. Sipping tea, we continue selecting and ordering the ideas into groups to be able to see the whole picture.

Working on something special for sports seems to be a challenge. Every user is different, as are the boats.

Will we be able to design it for the whole world or just for Deventer? We are exploring our options calculating costs to get to the best solution.

My specialty is prototyping and model building, so I start working on some models. Testing them on our 1:1 mock-up helps a lot with further refinement, just as interviewing various members of our target group.

Good news! I get to present our final concepts to the stakeholders in a month. I’m really looking forward to making a great presentation, to-the-point and with supporting infographics to let the viewers quickly grasp the things we are doing in the studio.

After the day is done, I turn to Franziska’s big book case and get to borrow another good read for the train journey back home. She really does have a LOT of cool books on design!

If you ever get the chance to work with Franziska or get to intern with her, buckle up and get ready, it will be fun!

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