Beware of the devils!

Have you heard of Hieronymus Bosch and his visionary works of art full of strange creatures? This year celebrates the 500 year anniversary of his work. What would Hieronymus have done if he had a 3D printer?


Together with the Smartlab Devent and the Art Center Leeuwenkuil, 6’4″ design manufactory offers new courses and workshops in spring. This time it’s all about devilish 3D and mythical monsters. Come and join if you dare to!

2 days workshop

start 20 & 21 april
costs € 35,00 (incl. 1 h free 3D printing)
more info

4 weeks course

start 10th May (17th, 24th, 31st May)
costs € 79,50 up to 21 yrs. / € 95,00 21+ yrs.
(incl. 1 h free 3D printing)
more info


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