‘an architect for yummy products’

6’4″ got featured on TechGirl.nl, a technology website for women and girls.

Dr. TechGirl, aka Anke Horstman, visited the studio to get a personal peak in the kitchen:

“… Hidden away in the old harbour district in Deventer you can find one of the world’s finest industrial designers.
As a young designer she worked on projects for Microsoft, Samsung and LG, eventually becoming lead designer at Nokia.
‘A fantastic time’ she says. Five years ago she founded her own studio, not without success: just recently she received the prestigious Red Dot Award.

What is her secret?

‘Industrial design is not just design. It’s actually the creation of emotional reactions’ says Franziska with passion. ‘I love to make products with character. Not just something pretty or functional, but a perfect combination of both. What you need is an emotional value, to make the emotional impact of a product a real added benefit. That’s what I love about good design’…”

Dr. TechGirl
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Over TechGirl.nl

Techgirl.nl is the technology website for women. Techgirl was created as a reaction to all those techie sites which are mostly aimed at men. This doesn’t mean that each smartphone needs to be pink, however style remains important. Techgirl covers a broad range of topics from technology, media & lifestyle.

Founded in 2012 by Anke Horstman, it has become the leading technology site for women in the Netherlands. Its mission is to empower women in the field of technology. Not for nothing was the first ever computer programmer a woman. That’s why Techgirl wants to offer a platform for women in the IT sector and everyone interested in style and technology.

Check it out on TechGirl.nl!

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