3D outing in Deventer

What a fun and instructive 3D workshop with La Verbe last month! With about twenty people in total we had a great time in Deventer.

After a short introduction to 3D and what all the fuzz is actually about, we got started right away in the Leeuwenkuil medialab.
In about 1.5h everyone learned how to design and build a simple Christmas star.

We started with drawing 2D lines. Trimming and joining everything until we got the desired shape, the star eventually took shape and was extruded as 3D object.

After a delicious lunch at Dok H2O, we continued work at the Smartlab Deventer. Here the 3D data was transferred to a printer software and eventually 3D printed on an Ultimaker.

Layer for layer the star was gradually built from plastic. In the end there was a unique ornament for everyone.

Want to know more about 3D workshops in Deventer?

6’4″ design manufactory offers tailor-made 3D workshops in collaboration with the Leeuwenkuil medialab and the Smartlab Deventer.
Whether you’re after a couple of hours or a whole day of 3D, I look forward to discussing the possibilities with you!
Simply get in touch via mail@sixfoot-four.com to arrange a first meeting.

See you then!

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